Ford F650 Party Bus RentalHave you been looking at your options for the best party bus rental in Los Angeles? First Class Limousine offers a curated selection of party buses for your enjoyment, regardless of the occasion. We want to accommodate your needs and ensure that you enjoy yourself to the max in our high-end party buses.

We offer three party buses for you to enjoy, all of which feature comfortable and spacious seating, room for drinks and food, and even space to let loose and dance. Our vehicles include:

The Mercedes Sprinter
The Ford F650 Party Bus
The International Party Bus

You may be wondering, “Why should I rent a party bus?” Here are three reasons:

California Wine Tours
If you and a large group of friends want to get together to tour the vast California wine country, our chauffeurs can ensure you safely get there while giving your group space to relax, stretch out, and even nap on the way home after a long, fun-filled day of trying delicious wines from family-owned and operated vineyards. We can offer a guide for your tour or help you put together a self-guided itinerary.

Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties
Whether you and your guests are hitting up the casinos, bars, or doing a spa day or fancy dinner, a party bus is easily the best way to round everyone up for a comfortable ride to and from your destination. Because party buses are roomier than limos, it’s much easier to do things like open presents, play games, and have a few drinks on the way to your intended location.

Prom Night
Choosing a party bus for your child’s prom is an exciting way to safely get their friends together to enjoy light, music, food, drinks, and dancing. Parents can rest assured knowing that their sons and daughters are en route to the dance with a qualified chauffeur who prioritizes the safety and comfort of passengers above all else.

When you’re ready to let your hair down with a professional party bus service in Los Angeles, book a reservation with First Class Limousine today at (800) 400-9771.