Wine Tours

California is home to an outstanding and celebrated wine industry. In Southern California, there are several wine producing areas that First Class Limousine can take you to explore. The unique microclimates, similar to the Mediterranean, produces grapes of exceptional flavor and variety. Mountains to the east and coastline to the west give the visitor beautiful scenery to enjoy and photograph. We welcome you to book a tour of the wine country with us as your transportation. First Class Limousine is here to escort you to the world of Southern California’s wine country.

Santa Barbara and Solvang

Explore the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley wineries with an experienced guide in the comfort of your own limousine. California’s Central Coast produces remarkable grapes for wine. More than 1 million cases of wine are produced here annually. Most of the more than 120 wineries here are small boutique operations and many are family-owned and operated. Visitors can enjoy the area’s rural atmosphere and taste world-class wines in an unassuming, friendly atmosphere where you may end up chatting with the winemaker or owner. Visit the vineyards, cellars and tasting rooms. Design your own itinerary or one can be designed to suit your tastes. First Class Limousine is here to make your wine country tour one to remember and treasure.

San Diego

There are more than 100 wineries in San Diego County, and the local industry is thriving. Once you start to explore the San Diego wineries, you’ll discover avid winemakers, growing a wide selection of grapes that allow them to produce many varieties of wine. San Diego County has more different microclimates than any other county in the United States. There is coastline and canyons; also, mesas and mountains; even desert and dry washes. San Diego has almost a Mediterranean climate with hot days, cool nights and ocean breezes. These all make this area a thriving grape-growing region. There are clusters of small, family owned wineries throughout the area. Come and explore the San Diego wineries with First Class Limousine. You can set your own itinerary or we can develop one for you. Travel at your own pace and enjoy the scenery, the vineyards and the wine.

Temecula Valley

Temecula Valley offers the visitor a relaxing, peaceful environment with beautiful, breathtaking views. There are over 30 wineries that offer award-winning wines, great restaurants, lodging and beautiful gift shops, Temecula Valley Wineries have something for everyone! Most wineries are open to the public daily. You can organize self-guided tours or we can develop an itinerary for you. Let First Class Limousine take you to this beautiful destination for your wine tasting tour and visit.

Downtown L.A. Winery

The San Antonio Winery in Los Angeles was established in 1917. The Los Angeles area’s temperate Mediterranean-like climate made it an ideal location for growing flavorful, richly-colored grapes. In the early years of the Winery, the Catholic Church granted permission to the Winery to make wines for sacramental and ceremonial purposes. During the Depression, San Antonio Winery was able to survive because of this association.

In the 1970s and 1980s the Winery purchased vineyards in Monterey County and Napa Valley. Their vineyards are now located in Paso Robles, Monterey, and Napa Valley. San Antonio Wineries is one of the most awarded wineries in California. Let First Class Limousine take you to tour the Winery and enjoy samples of their wines in the tasting room. Enjoy dinner at their restaurant and stroll through the gift shop. Make it a night on the town in Los Angeles with First Class Limousine.